The Growth of ‘Staycation’

The number of foreign trips Britons take is 16% lower than before the recession, whilst holidays in the UK jumped by 12% in recent years.

There is evidence that the market is changing demographically with the greatest growth coming from more mature people in the higher social groups (ABC1). These customers demand a superior experience, such as a luxury lodge, rather than accepting traditional, budget facilities.

The trend to holiday in Britain rather than abroad has led to a boom in demand for high quality self-catering accommodation in Scotland.

Luxury Lodges Direct has first-hand experience of this increasingly high yield rental return from our own personal collection of 20 luxury rental lodges. Tourism is worth the equivalent of £127bn each year to the British economy. The UK holiday park industry represents 15% of Britain’s entire tourism economy and accounts for 22% of all ‘holiday bed nights’. 

Source: Tourism: jobs and growth. The economic contribution of the tourism economy in the UK. November 2013

Tourism is expected to increase to £257bn by 2025 which is set to be greater than predicted growth of the entire British Economy.